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Technology industry trends
     Director of the ITRI Sankei Center (IEK) the Su Mengzong said the recent Taiwan industry faces many serious challenges, including the decrease in export orders, the basic raw material prices, coupled with the sharp rise in wage costs and other factors, so that export-oriented our industry faces a more difficult problem than the period of financial turmoil. Face the future with the many uncertainties that through this seminar, will be able to assist all trends early, rapid changes in response to the international environment and the pressure from the rear to catch up with the competition from emerging countries.
     ITRI ​​IEK system IC process research manager for the semiconductor industry, Yang Rui Lin said that in 2012 the semiconductor industry by the poor economic situation as well as derivative commercial and consumer markets that hath withdrawn his hand from lead terminal weak demand affected agencies around the world are gradually under the revised 2012 semiconductor industry growth forecast to grow only 0.4%. 2013 still will be, at this stage the whole supply chain semiconductor inventory, capacity utilization decline and other unfavorable factors, approximately 5% -10% rose only slightly. Between Apple and Samsung smartphones, tablet PCs competitive, Apple and Samsung may foundry cooperation relationship has changed, from 2013 to 2014 Taiwans semiconductor production chain (foundry, packaging and testing ...) may become the biggest beneficiary.
      The electronic components industry, ITRI IEK components research manager Zhaozu, Outlook 2013, the electronic components industry will continue by the downturn, the scale can only be maintained single-digit growth; major driving factors in the market, including emerging markets in low-cost smart phones, the Win8 tablet computers, ultra-thin laptops. Began in 2013, PCB industrial competition has become more intense, the rapid growth of     South Koreas PCB status, step by step nearly forced Japan and Taiwan.update..
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