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The meaning of slide switch

     Slide switch so that the circuit pattern through the toggle switch turned on or off, so as to achieve the purpose of the switching circuit. Commonly used varieties of double-pole, single-pole three bipolar double-and bipolar three, it is generally used for low-voltage circuits with slider action flexible, stable and reliable performance characteristics, toggle switch widely used : all kinds of electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, and other electronic products. 

     Slide  switch by the corresponding process consists of the following components assembled:
1. Tieke (Material: iron; treatment process: plating nickel or pot black process, thereby preventing oxidation)
2 plastic handle (wood material: POM material, if there is a fire retardant high temperature requirements, often used in PA nylon material handling process: injection molding)
Terminal (Material: generally phosphor bronze; treatment process: silver plating)
Insulating base plate (material: electricity boards; Process: stamping molding)
Contactless chip (Material: Phosphor Bronze; treatment process: silver plating)
6 Round Beads (Material: typically stainless steel; Treatment: nickel plating)
Slingshot (Material: bronze; Process: stamping molding)
Decorative oil (material: marked or green oil chemical oil, applied in the terminal and the base plate contact area, play a decorative role. General requirements for non-toxic, environmental protection)

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